La Rosa 4 Payment Plan

The payment plan for La Rosa 4 at Villanova is flexible and designed to suit individual preferences. With a 5% down payment and up to 70% post-handover payment plan, buyers can own their dream home without any financial strain. Contact the developer for more information on the payment plan options available.

Down Payment10%On Sales Date
1st Installment10%Within 5 months after Sales Date
2nd Installment5%Within 10 months after Sales Date
3rd Installment5%Within 14 months after Sales Date
4th Installment5%Within 18 months after Sales Date
5th Installment5%Within 22 months after Sales Date
6th Installment5%Within 26 months after Sales Date
7th Installment5%Within 30 months after Sales Date
8th Installment20%On Handover
9th Installment5%Within 4 months after handover
10th Installment5%Within 8 months after handover
11th Installment5%Within 12 months after handover
12th Installment5%Within 16 months after handover
13th Installment5%Within 20 months after handover
Final Installment5%Within 24 months after handover
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