Palace Residences Payment Plan

The payment plan for Palace Residences is flexible and designed to cater to the needs of buyers. It includes a range of options including a down payment, followed by installment payments over a period of time, with the final payment made upon completion of the project. Buyers also have the option to avail of financing options, such as mortgages, to fund their purchases. The exact details of the payment plan can be obtained from Emaar, the developer of Palace Residences. The payment plan is structured to ensure that buyers can invest in their dream homes with ease and convenience.

Down Payment10%On Sales Date
1st Installment10%Within 30 days after Sales Date
2nd Installment10%Within 7 months after Sales Date
3rd Installment5%Within 13 months after Sales Date
4th Installment5%Within 17 months after Sales Date
5th Installment5%Within 21 months after Sales Date
6th Installment5%Within 25 months after Sales Date
7th Installment5%Within 29 months after Sales Date
8th Installment5%On Handover
9th Installment10%Within 4 months after handover
10th Installment5%Within 8 months after handover
11th Installment5%Within 12 months after handover
12th Installment10%Within 16 months after handover
13th Installment5%Within 20 months after handover
Final Installment5%Within 24 months after handover
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