Emaar Marina Shores Payment Plan

Emaar Marina Shores offers a flexible payment plan, allowing buyers to pay a portion of the property's value during the construction phase and the remainder upon completion. The payment plan also includes a down payment and installments spread over a specific period. Additionally, investers can benefit from attractive financing options provided.

Down Payment10%On Booking (July 2022)
1st Installment10%September 2022
2nd Installment10%March 2023
3rd Installment5%Upon 10% Construction Completion* (December 2023)
4th Installment10%Upon 20% Construction Completion* (June 2024)
5th Installment10%Upon 30% Construction Completion* (October 2024)
6th Installment10%Upon 50% Construction Completion* (May 2025)
7th Installment10%Upon 70% Construction Completion* (October 2025)
8th Installment5%Upon 80% Construction Completion* (February 2026)
Final Installment20%Upon 100% Construction Completion* (December 2026)
Budget-Friendly Payment Options Request